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Zika Virus (CDC)
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Prevent #Zika virus by preventing mosquito bites. Learn how to protect yourself: http:/1.usa.gov/1HZiUju [IMAGE]
RT @BuzzFeedVideo: Everything You Need To Know About The Zika Virus In 148 Seconds [VIDEO]
Media Advisory: CDC to host one-day Zika Action Plan Summit on April 1sthttp:/1.usa.gov/1RSQskJ
You might have questions about #Zika. Here’s what we know. http:/www.cdc.gov/zika/index.html[IMAGE]
Traveling for #springbreak? See @CDCgov travel notices for important #Zika information: http:/go.usa.gov/cvQwR [IMAGE]
 Planning to travel abroad for #SpringBreak? See CDC travel notices for important #Zika information: http:/go.usa.gov/cvQwR
#Zika Virus 101. Learn the symptoms of Zika virus, how it spreads, and how to avoid it in CDC video:http:/bit.ly/1o7nc02
Learn more about #Zika virus, how it spreads, and more: http:/1.usa.gov/1RA9TRC [IMAGE]
Prevenga el #zika al evitar las picaduras de mosquito. Aprenda más: http:/1.usa.gov/1o7w84R [IMAGE]
No hay medicamentos ni vacuna para el zika. Aprenda más sobre el zika y cómo prevenirlo: :http:/1.usa.gov/1o7w84R [IMAGE]
Aprenda cómo se transmite el virus del Zika, quién está en riesgo de ser infectado, y más:http:/1.usa.gov/1o7w84R [IMAGE]
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