African American Mayors Commend President Obama’s SCOTUS Nomination of Judge Garland

African American Mayors across the country commended President Obama for the prompt nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the United States Supreme Court.

Mayor Steve Benjamin (Columbia, SC)

“Judge Merrick Garland is an eminently qualified nominee for the Supreme Court. As Chief Judge for the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Judge Garland has earned bipartisan recognition for his commitment to carefully interpreting the law.  The interests of justice cannot wait – the US Senate must do its Constitutional duty and promptly consider and vote upon Judge Garland’s nomination.”

Mayor Michael Hancock (Denver, CO)

“The people have had their say on who should nominate Justices, and twice they have chosen President Barack Obama. The President has fulfilled his constitutional duty by nominating Judge Merrick Garland, an accomplished jurist, to the Supreme Court, and I commend him on his pick. It’s time for the Senate to do its job, too. As elected officials, we take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and there is no excuse for abandoning that responsibility to play politics. Judge Garland deserves a hearing and a vote, and I call on the Senate to fulfill its duty.”

Mayor William Bell (Durham, NC)

“As Mayor of Durham NC, I first want to commend President Obama in exercising his Presidential responsibilities in nominating a very qualified and respected Judge to our US Supreme Court. Judge Merrick B. Garland’s service and experience as a jurist are impeccable and he deserves the opportunity and honor of being given a hearing by our U.S. Senate. As a minimum the citizens and voters of our country deserve the opportunity to hear firsthand from the nominee and his responses to the Senate committee and a vote on his nomination.

I would, in general urge all of our US Senators to be supportive of a hearing of this nominee and in particular our North Carolina Senate representative (Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis) to be supportive of a Senate committee hearing for the nominee and hopefully a vote in favor of his confirmation.”

Mayor Mario Avery (Fairburn, GA)
“The President’s nominee should be voted on by the U.S. Senate, especially with 61% of the U.S. citizens polled supporting his candidate.

Judge Garland has demonstrated his ability to assess environmental concerns by dissecting governmental enforcement policy that lacked adequate inspection. During the case “American Farm Bureau Federation vs. EPA” Judge Garland struck down the EPA’s case due to insufficient clarity of why the agency adopted a less stringent standard than what was recommended by studies. The case found that Garland had interpreted the Clean Air Act to maximize environmental protection. Fairburn has acquired three major corporations since 2012, totaling 3 million square feet of commercial space, that have constructed facilities subject to guidelines outlined in the Clean Air Act. I’m convinced that Judge Garland’s assessment of EPA policies will continue to benefit the City of Fairburn as it relates to clean air.

I reiterate that Judge Garland is not only well respected, by both republicans and democrats, but highly qualified to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Mayor Michael Wolfe, Sr. (Hempstead, TX)

“I am in full support of President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for U.S. Supreme Court.”

Mayor Sly James (Kansas City, MO)

“Chief Judge Merrick Garland has extensive judicial experience, a knack for building consensus and a fearless record of taking on the hardest cases. When he was nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court, both Republican and Democrat senators praised him and called eminently qualified. Failure to meet with him and consider his nomination to the Supreme Court is the basest form of political gamesmanship. A man of Judge Merrick’s caliber and qualifications should be treated fairly and given real consideration for this position.”

Mayor Adrian Mapp (Plainfield, NJ)

“I affirm my strong support of President Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland to serve as a representative of the US Supreme Court. It is not only the right of the President to nominate a replacement; it is his duty to do so, and Merrick Garland is unquestionably qualified to hold the position.

The Justice System should not be held hostage to bipartisan politics and the US Senate should not decide when it is convenient for them to fulfill their constitutional duties, and when it is not. To do anything other than consider and vote on the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court will be a huge failure to do their job and abandonment of their service to the American people.”

Mayor Lovely Warren (Rochester, NY)

“The United States Supreme Court has been the ultimate arbiter of landmark civil rights, human rights, fairness, voter access, and First Amendment Issues for our nation from its very founding,” said Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren.  “At a time when so many Americans have become disenfranchised, we cannot allow our highest court to be mired in indecision by a long-term vacancy.  President Obama has fulfilled his Constitutional obligation to nominate a well-respected and qualified candidate in Merrick Garland.  It is now time for the Senate to fulfill their Constitutional obligation and give this important nomination their consideration and an up or down vote.”

Mayor Kevin Johnson (Sacramento, CA)

“Chief Judge Merrick Garland has a reputation of being one of the best appellate judges in the country and has a proven track record of building consensus. Garland has been a meticulous jurist and a straight shooter which has earned him strong bipartisan support throughout his career.

President Obama has done his part to fulfill his constitutional responsibility by nominating a highly qualified candidate to the Supreme Court. Now, I call upon the Senate to fulfill their duty and provide Chief Judge Merrick Garland a fair hearing.”

Mayor George Evans (Selma, AL)

“President Obama stated in his 2008 campaign, ‘Washington is broken. Working together, we can end the partisan bickering’ The White House noted that the last time the Senate refused to vote on a president’s Supreme Court nominee was in 1875 — and that ‘one-third of all previous U.S. presidents have had a nominee confirmed to the Supreme Court in an election year.’

Let us not go backwards and repeat the mistakes of the past. Judge Merrick Garland is an extremely qualified nominee for the Supreme Court.  The president has fulfilled his constitutional duty of nominating Judge Merrick B. Garland to the United States Supreme Court.

I employ you as our Senate to fulfill your duty and expeditiously hold a fair confirmation hearing of President Obama’s nominee and to hold an up or down vote.”

Mayor Marilyn Strickland (Tacoma, WA)

“The fair hearing and confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice nominee is one of the most important duties of the United States Senate. The public weighed in on this decision in 2012 when they re-elected President Obama. The sitting justices have been appointed within 50-99 days and Judge Garland has a history of receiving bi-partisan support. It’s time to stop making excuses, set aside partisan gamesmanship and get on with honorably handling the people’s business.”

Mayor Vivian Covington (University Park, IL)

“I applaud our President for his nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the United States Supreme Court.  This is the choice of our President and I respect and support him that this is the best person for the position.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser (Washington, DC)

“As chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Judge Garland has served ably here in the District of Columbia, and has earned respect that transcends party and politics. I stand with the President, and I urge the Congress to move Judge Garland forward through a fair and judicious process. Just like the residents of the District of Columbia, Judge Garland deserves a vote in the Congress.”


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