AAMA: Statement on Federal Tax Plan


November 22, 2017African American Mayors Association Calls on Congress to Fix Current Tax Plan Black Mayors speak out against tax plan that will hurt cities

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WASHINGTON – On behalf of the 500 African American mayors across the country, Mayor Toni Harp of New Haven, CT, and President of the African American Mayors Association (AAMA), released the following statement as the U.S. Senate considers a new tax plan:


“AAMA strongly supports the concerns that Mayor Bowser, the National League of Cities and our other national partners have expressed about the current tax bill under consideration in Congress. Cities are at the forefront of delivering services to American citizens and the current bill undermines the local control conservatives herald with proposals of dubious merit. This bill helps the super wealthy and harms low-income Americans who will see their taxes increase under this plan. The congressional Joint Tax Committee predicts this plan will lead to a tax increase on people making less than $30,000 in 2021 and on all American making under $75,000 in 2027.  Also, in an effort to gut the Affordable Care Act, the bill  repeals the mandate for most Americans to buy health insurance.”


“The economic vitality, and future growth, of American cities is inextricably linked to measures such as state and local tax (SALT) deductions, and critical tax credits such as the New Markets Tax Credit, neither of which are in this proposal. These measures help to secure affordable housing for low-income citizens, provide critical funds for infrastructure projects, and ensure that citizens from a range of socio-economic backgrounds have access to the best possible educational opportunities. The elimination of these deductions and tax credits directly interferes with already stretched state and local infrastructure and school related funding and investments.”


“We would prefer a tax plan that rewards hard working Americans, invests in underserved communities and limits deficit spending. Instead, we have the reverse so we will work with Mayor Bowser, and mayors throughout the country, to advocate for changes that benefit millions of Americans who would suffer under this unfair tax plan that heavily favors the wealthy.”



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