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AAMA Statement on TPA-2015 Legislation

With economic growth and job creation as top priorities for mayors nationwide, it is time for Congress to consider and approve Trade Promotion Authority legislation (TPA-2015) and its potential to further unlock the economic potential of American businesses and workers through President Obama’s trade agenda.

Mayors throughout America agree that world trade is a very important element of success in attracting jobs and investment to our communities. Many US cities have experienced significant increases in exports in recent years, and are home to numerous businesses linked to international commerce. Those experiences, and the results reflected in the numbers, must be a major factor as Congress moves forward on TPA-2015.

AAMA strongly supports enforceable labor and environmental provisions in trade agreements that raise global standards and respect local regulations. TPA-2015 sets forth a strong process to advance the interests of American cities, companies, and workers. Moreover, TPA-2015 creates a timeline for concerns to be considered and addressed before a final trade agreement receives approval, ensuring the voices of American mayors, workers, and advocacy groups are heard. With TPA-2015 allowing only a final up-or-down vote by Congress, our foreign negotiating partners have the highest incentive to give the United States their best offers.

In the 21st century global marketplace, we simply cannot afford the years-long trade agreement battles of the past, as foreign rivals will continue to be aggressive in seizing opportunities from American businesses and workers. With TPA-2015 passed by Congress and signed into law, the United States will have the tools needed to build strong agreements that encourage new business opportunities and create jobs in our cities.

Documentary “MAYNARD” on former Atlanta Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. Announced



Atlanta, GA) January 19, 2015—Auburn Avenue films produces the theatrical documentary about the life and legacy of Atlanta’s first African-American Mayor, Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. The documentary, MAYNARD, is currently in pre-production led by an Oscar nominated and Emmy award-winning team. MAYNARD offers an introspective look into the life of the political and business titan who became Atlanta’s first African-American Mayor.

“My father fought the good fight for equal opportunity especially for African Americans. He believed the way to accomplish that was through the power of the vote, economic strength and educational achievement or, the ballot, the book and the buck, as he put it,” said Brooke Jackson Edmond, daughter of Mayor Jackson. “All Atlantans have benefitted from his work as have countless others far beyond Atlanta. There is a thriving African-American business class largely because of Maynard Jackson.”

MAYNARD will be produced by Auburn Avenue Films; one of Atlanta’s newest production companies. The production team includes Executive Producers: Wendy Eley Jackson; Maynard H. Jackson, III; Elizabeth Jackson Hodges; Howie Hodges, and Brooke Jackson Edmond. Oscar-nominated producer/director/editor Samuel D. Pollard will direct the film, and Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Sheila Curran Bernard has been tapped as writer. Winsome Sinclair, C.S.A. joins the production as casting director along with Donald Jarmond as co-producer. An official release date has not been announced.

Mayor Jackson was known as a charismatic and compassionate leader who served a record three terms as Atlanta’s mayor. He is credited with building the world’s busiest airport; leading the crusade to bring the 1996 Olympics to Atlanta; revitalizing downtown Atlanta as a thriving business and residential community; and redeveloping more than 20 of Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods. Yet, in spite of his professional success there were personal challenges as well.

“Most people only remember the public side of Maynard Jackson, Jr. but they never saw the man who struggled with the loss of his own father at the age of 15, the brother who buried two sisters, the husband went through divorce, or the father who feared he would lose his only son,” said Maynard H. Jackson, III, son of Mayor Jackson. “In this documentary you will definitely see the giant of a mayor but, more importantly, you see the giant of a real man.”

MAYNARD offers an intimate view of Jackson from those who knew him best. The film will include personal family photos and rare interviews with his two former wives, his five children, his siblings as well as many of Jackson’s close associates and confidants.

“We want people to know how much he cared for all people in the city that he loved,” said Elizabeth Hodges, oldest daughter of Mayor Jackson. “He wanted everyone leading successful and fulfilled lives.”

Auburn Avenue Films Inc. is an Atlanta based television and film company specializing in development, production, and post production.


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